Property Management
& Concierge Services

As a property management and concierge company, ADK Exclusive specializes in the management of your property and home. From landscaping in the summer months to snowplowing in the winter months, we strive to keep your home accessible, safe, and simply beautiful to see when you drive by. For our second or third homeowners who only visit occasionally, ADK Exclusive allows you to rest assured that your property and home are safe and sound while you’re not enjoying it. Coming up for the week? Call us ahead of time so that we can ensure the wood is split and stacked, your Instacart order is in the fridge and cabinets, and most importantly your wine cabinet is stocked by our Sommelier so that your glass of wine is waiting for you after your trip to the Adirondacks. Want to impress friends and family or simply enjoy a holiday without cooking? We look forward to providing you with one of our top private chefs that will personalize a menu before coming to your home to cook you the meal of your dreams.

Property Management

ADK Exclusive provides personalized, worry-free management of your property and/or home whether you live here year-round or if you visit seasonally. We work with renters and businesses in addition to personal properties. ADK Exclusive strives to make long-distance home ownership easier and less stressful. We handle the simple maintenance and seasonal preparation, to opening and stocking your home with firewood, food, exclusive wine and more.

Managing your home is a full-time job, and we have become leaders in this industry over the past decade simply because of our high standards. Our team of professionals understands the importance you place in your treasured escape, which is why we prioritize attention to detail, keep open lines of communication, and offer privacy and prompt service with a personal touch. Our list of services is long, but includes the following areas: 

  • Custom preventative maintenance programs
  • Detailed property inspections to detect and resolve potential issues
  • 24-hour property assistance and alarm system response
  • Rapid response times to any and all issues
  • Primary point of contact for alarm and mechanical systems
  • Construction/remodel project management
  • Full-time employed staff from skilled professionals to laborers
  • Transportation
  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping
  • Housekeeping

Our experience, expertise, and the intricate systems we have put in place ensure that nothing falls through the cracks at ADK Exclusive. Our dedicated staff is the best at what they do, which is why our client list has grown to include the most exclusive properties in the Adirondacks. Your home will remain the cherished retreat it was always meant to be, while we focus on the proper and professional care that it demands.

Concierge Services

Time spent in the Adirondacks is never wasted, as long as you leave the details to us. Our personal and executive concierge services are at your disposal so you can spend more time on the slopes, the hiking trail, or right at home. Completed with discretion and efficiency, some of the services you can count on us for include:

  • Event Planning
  • Catering Services
  • Private Chef
  • Grocery Shopping (Instacart Coordination)
  • Custom Wine Pairing & Purchasing
  • Transportation
  • VIP Dinner Reservations
  • Errands & Executive Assistant Services
  • Babysitting Arrangements
  • Pet Services
  • Gift and Personal Shopping Services
  • Gear Maintenance, Rentals and Recommendations 
  • Automotive Services
  • Storage Solutions

We live here year-round, and we pride ourselves on having the connections and the ability to make your time in the Adirondacks perfectly suited to your interests. We find immense satisfaction in knowing that we have exceeded your expectations, whether you need help with daily chores, or advice for making the most out of your time here — truly amplifying your Adirondack experience.

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